Hoe moet ik Vegan eiwitpoeder verwerken? Lees hier 10 manieren waarop je Vegan eiwitpoeder kan verwerken.

How Should I Process Protein Powders?

Discover 10 delicious ways to process protein powders!

Do you recognize that? Started a healthy lifestyle and / or ready to take your sports performance to the next level, so you order a Vegan protein powder bag packed with superfoods, but soon find out that you can't get any further than a simple shake after your workout. We hear that all the time, so that's why we're here to give you 10 ways to process protein powders.

  1. muffins


One way to make a delicious protein-packed snack throughout the day is to make muffins! They're healthy (so no guilt), easy to make and filled with premium protein powder, which will make your muscles very happy for you too!

Click here to view the Vegan Chocolate Muffins with Vegan Protein Powder recipe.

  1. Oatmeal

Start your day off right by making a nice bowl of oatmeal. Ready in an instant and oatmeal contains all kinds of health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, lowers the risk of diabetes, protects you against cancer, boosts your immune system, contains a lot of protein, reduces your hunger pangs and is naturally gluten-free.

Oatmeal doesn't have to be boring, you can add crazy toppings such as 100% natural peanut butter, fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, etc.), yogurt, etc. You can also add vanilla extract, chia seed or a banana to the oatmeal mixture. add.

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  1. Smoothies


Smoothies, as you probably know, are a great cold refreshment for your day. It is an easy way to get fruit and vegetables and there are many combinations possible with smoothies. Think, for example, of a strawberry smoothie, but also, for example, an orange-banana smoothie.

A delicious protein powder from Green Harvey can easily be added to smoothies. After your workout, a smoothie can be a delicious and good way to give your muscles the right nutrition, so that the muscles recover properly.

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  1. Smoothie bowls

If you like smoothies, you will love a smoothie bowl. With smoothie bowls you have an ice-like base of frozen fruit, protein powder and vegetable milk from the blender and on top you can add your favorite toppings such as fresh fruit, cocoa nibs, bee pollen, chia seeds, nut butters, etc.

It really is delicious and easy to make. You also get a good portion of fruit, vegetables and proteins.

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  1. Mosquito Cakes


Mug Cakes are very popular to make right now and for good reason. They are super easy to make, ready in 5 minutes from the microwave or oven and taste fantastic too. It's a real treat in the morning.

It is easy to add protein powders to Mug Cakes, which makes it even tastier.

Click here for the recipe of a delicious Banana Chocolate Protein Mug Cake.

  1. Cookies


Who doesn't love cookies? Again a perfect snack for during the day. High in protein, delicious and healthy. Take the biscuits easily to work or on the go.

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  1. Yoghurt/cottage cheese


Are you someone who likes breakfast with yogurt or cottage cheese? Then add your favorite protein powder to this. Stir well and then add some granola and fresh fruit. Simple, delicious and a good start to your day!

  1. pancakes


Give yourself a delicious breakfast or snack in between by making delicious pancakes with protein powders in them! After baking, pour some maple syrup on the pancakes and add fresh fruit.

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  1. bananabread

Who doesn't love a delicious piece of warm banana bread! Protein powder is easy to add to various breads and is therefore a good snack for in between. For example, in addition to a banana bread, think of a nut bread, an applesauce bread or a pumpkin bread.

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  1. Chia pudding


In a hurry in the morning? Make your breakfast the night before and all you have to do in the morning is get your breakfast out of the fridge! Add some yogurt or fresh fruit if desired.

Chia seeds are small seeds with many health benefits. This is how they support:

  • The absorption of calcium.
  • Do they contain a lot of protein.
  • Do they contain a lot of Omega 3 that is good for your hair, skin and heart.
  • They slow down the conversion process from carbohydrates to glucose (sugar), so that your blood sugar level remains more balanced and you experience fewer sugar peaks.
  • They contain a lot of fiber, which keeps you feeling full.

Chia pudding has a jelly-like structure and can be combined with vegetable milk and protein powder. The chia seeds absorb the vegetable milk over time and this forms the jelly-like structure.

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Of course there are still plenty of recipes to make with protein powders. Go to the recipe page of Green Harvey for even more inspiration! Also discover 8 other ways to process Vegan protein powder here .