In de Eiwitpoeders van Green Harvey zitten geen gekke toevoegingen. De eiwitpoeders zijn 100% natuurlijk en zonder andere gekke toevoegingen, zoals GMO'S of kunstmatige kleur/smaakstoffen.

No crazy additions

100% natural and without crazy ingredients, such as GMOs or artificial colors / flavors.

De Eiwitpoeders van Green Harvey zijn gemaakt van de hoogste kwaliteit ingrediënten.


Only the best ingredients in our Vegan protein powders deliver optimal results & great flavours.

Alle Vegan Eiwitpoeders van Green Harvey zijn gluten-, zuivel- en sojavrij.

Diet friendly

All Vegan Protein Powders are gluten, dairy and soy free.

Maak de lekkerste recepten met de Vegan eiwitpoeders van Green Harvey. Denk hierbij aan bananenbrood, bananenpannenkoeken, muffins, smoothies of smoothie bowls.


Make the most delicious recipes such as banana bread, muffins, banana pancakes and more with the Vegan protein powders! View the 'recipes' page for this.

Wat zijn superfoods? In de Vegan eiwitpoeders van Green Harvey is een superfood mix toegevoegd, waardoor jij profiteer van meerdere gezondheidsvoordelen.

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods are natural foods that have a positive effect on your body. Superfoods contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.

Superfoods are known for:

- Improving your sports performance, immune system, brain function, energy, skin, libido, hormone system, losing weight (because it stimulates metabolism).

The Vegan protein powders contain high-quality superfoods such as Maca powder, palm-free mct powder, beetroot powder and raw cocoa powder.

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Delicious vegetable protein

Delicious high quality vegetable protein. The webshop is well-arranged, provides good detailed information and lots of tips. Shipping is fast. The flavors are delicious. I am a fan.

— Barbara

Wonderful energy boost

Every morning I have a smoothie with Berrylicious from Green Harvey and this really gives me more energy (and it's delicious too)!
Because I like it so much I also closed the subscription so I can get some discount. I definitely recommend Green Harvey!

— Tim

Proper nutrition for my muscles!

Wow what a nice product! I take this delicious Vegan protein at the start of my day when I'm going to exercise that day, it really gives proper nutrition to my muscles. Highly recommended!

— Customer


I found out that normal proteins have a lot of influence on the quality of your skin. When I read this I immediately started looking for a vegan alternative. That's how I ended up at green harvey and the products work perfectly and I really notice a difference! My skin is much calmer and the products are very tasty too!

— Esme

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