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Vegan | Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Soy Free | 500 Grams - 20 Servings

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Eliminate complaints such as bloating, poor digestion, bad skin and a bad taste with our Vegan protein powder Berrylicious!

Muscle growth & recovery

Brown rice protein and pea protein isolate form the powerful basis of Green Harvey's Vegan Protein Powder Berrylicious. Those two powerful ingredients ensure muscle building and faster muscle recovery .

Superfoods in protein powder Berrylicious

To guarantee that you benefit from as many health benefits as possible, various superfoods have been added to our Vegan protein powder Berrylicious. Superfoods are ingredients with a large amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants

Think of the superfoods Maca powder, acacia fibers and beetroot powder. Maca powder is known to improve your skin . Other powerful health benefits of superfoods include: an improvement in your immune system , energy and brain function .

No bloating/poor digestion

Digestive enzymes and acacia fibers have been added to our Vegan protein powder Berrylicious. These ingredients ensure that your digestion goes smoothly and that you do not get a bloated feeling. The digestive enzymes even ensure that you absorb all nutrients better , so that you achieve more results!

Lactose, gluten and soy free protein powder

Many people suffer from bad skin by eating protein powders that contain milk sugars (lactose). Lactose can be found in whey protein powder. Our Vegan protein powder Berrylicious is lactose-free, so you won't suffer from bad skin .

Our Vegan protein powder Berrylicious is also gluten and soy free so that people with an intolerance can also enjoy our protein powders!

Amino acids in protein powder Berrylicious

Our Vegan protein powders Berrylicious contain all 9 essential amino acids your body needs. This makes the protein powder a complete protein . The protein powder is therefore easily digested and absorbed faster.

*Measuring scoop present in vegetable protein bag

Operation Ingredients

Pea Protein Isolate

This is a high-quality protein that stimulates muscle building and recovery. It also regulates blood sugar, is easy to digest, has a high amino acid content and is a source of vitamins D, E and K. Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

Brown Rice Protein

This is a high-quality protein that stimulates muscle recovery and muscle building. It also contains essential amino acids, is hypoallergenic, easy to digest, aids in weight management and is easily absorbed by the body. Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

Palm Free MCT Powder

MCT fatty acids are converted into energy in the body. MCT powder improves memory and overall brain health. MCT powder also helps to strengthen your immune system. In addition, MCT powder improves your training, because leucine and Vitamin D increase muscle strength. If you want to lose weight, MCT powder also has a positive effect. For example, it ensures that you feel full faster, so that you have to eat less. It increases your metabolic rate and reduces the conversion of excess carbohydrates to fats. Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

Maca Powder

Maca powder contains almost all essential amino acids and a large amount of vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C. Maca is also rich in more than 15 minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Iron in Maca helps restore red blood cells, which is beneficial for anemia and cardiovascular disease. Calcium in Maca helps promote bone health as calcium is an essential nutrient for this.

In addition, Maca gives an energy boost, reduces stress, is good for your brain, improves your mood, increases fertility in men and women, is good for hair, skin & nails, is good for the immune system and relieves symptoms during menopause . Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

guar gum

Guar gum is extracted from the seeds of the guar plant. It is an ingredient that can be added to food, for example as a binder. In addition, guar gum has many health benefits. For example, guar gum can help with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes. Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

Vegetable digestive enzyme blend DA-PRO-PEP

Digestive enzymes are proteins released in the digestive system, mainly by the pancreas and small intestine. They have a very important task to fulfill, which is to break down the food.⁠

The 3 most important:⁠

- amylase – converts carbohydrates into sugars⁠

- protease – converts proteins into amino acids⁠

- lipase – converts fats (lipids) into fatty acids and glycerol⁠

All Green Harvey Vegan Protein Powders contain endo and exo proteases, which ensure that you absorb the nutrients better, promote digestion and you do not get a bloated feeling.

Digestive enzymes can also support digestive disorders, such as lactose intolerance. ⁠ Can be found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

Acacia Fibers

Acacia Fibers contain 90% fiber and are great prebiotics for the intestinal flora. It promotes a feeling of fullness, is gentle on your stomach, can relieve constipation and also reduce IBS symptoms. Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.


Stevia rebaudiana is a shrub from South America with sweet tasting leaves. Stevia is used to give Green Harvey's protein powders a slightly sweeter taste. Very little stevia is needed, because stevia is 200 to 300 times sweeter than normal sugar. it contains no calories, does not affect blood sugar levels, is heat stable (so good to use at high temperatures) and is tooth-friendly. Found in all Green Harvey protein powders.

Beetroot powder

Beet powder is made from dehydrated beets (they have been blended or ground into a fine powder). Beet powder may support liver health, as the antioxidants in beets help support the body's natural cleansing or detoxification process. Beets are not only rich in potassium, selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc, folic acid and vitamin C, but they also contain a huge amount of antioxidants that help control inflammation. Beetroot can also improve sports performance and recovery, it helps with healthy blood pressure and brain health. Beetroot powder can be found in the protein powder Berrylicious.

Natural Aroma

Green Harvey's protein powders contain 100% natural flavors per flavour. The aromas per flavor:

Berrylicious: Raspberry-Strawberry

Ingredients Berrylicious

Pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, palm-free mct powder, natural flavor, guar gum, acacia fiber, beetroot, maca (<1%), stevia, summase DA-PRO PEP (endo- and exo-proteases) (<1%).

How to use?
Mix 2 scoops of 100% natural protein powder ( 25 grams ) with 250ml almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese or a smoothie.

The protein powder is perfect for after your workout, but can also be used for breakfast with, for example, yogurt, quark or a smoothie. Suffering from an afternoon slump? Then use the proteins in, for example, a smoothie as an afternoon snack.

But that is not everything! The most delicious recipes can be made with protein powders, such as Vegan protein shakes , muffins, banana bread and smoothie bowls. View our recipes here .

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