Wat is de beste tijd om eiwitpoeder te gebruiken? Lees hier alles over in onze blog.

What is the best time to use protein powder?

What is the best time to use protein powder based on what goal you have? Discover it in this blog and see more fitness results!

Protein powder is a macronutrient, which means that it is present in large amounts and provides energy. Proteins contain amino acids that support many processes in your body, such as nutrient transport and storage, digestion and energy production.

In addition to the fact that the proteins are a macronutrient, the proteins also ensure muscle growth, stronger bones, more energy, a healthy weight, good metabolism and a strong immune system. In other words, an indispensable part of your diet.

Why use protein powder?

Protein powders are good for athletes who want to take their sports performance to the next level. Protein powders are easy to process and take with you wherever you want in, for example, a shaker cup or a container. Protein powders also keep you feeling full for longer, which can lead to weight loss/maintenance.

It is important for athletes to choose a high-quality protein powder. Then the best health benefits will emerge, such as more muscle growth, faster muscle recovery and better absorption of the nutrients.

What is the best time to use protein powders?

In the fitness world, there are many different fitness goals that you can pursue. To know exactly when is the best time to use a protein powder, it is important to look at the goal you have.

Goal 1: Muscle building

There are many different opinions on what is the best time to take protein powders for muscle growth. According to the National Society of Sports Nutrition, it's best to take protein powder within 2 hours of your workout.

This is because within those 2 hours your muscles are ready to absorb nutrients that promote muscle growth & recovery. Outside this time frame, this will be less the case.

Read our specific blog here about how to get more muscle growth.

Goal 2: Healthy weight loss

Your metabolism can be increased by protein powder, while curbing your appetite. Protein powder ensures that you feel full for longer, so that you snack less.

That is why it is good to use protein powder in the morning in, for example, a smoothie / yogurt, so that you feel full until lunch, or by using protein powder as a snack during the day (e.g. healthy muffins or yogurt).

Goal 3: Improve performance and recovery

The best time to take protein powder to improve performance and recovery is before or after your workout in combination with carbohydrates . This will ensure that your performance, recovery and muscle pain is less the day after. This allows you to exercise more frequently and achieve your fitness goals faster.

For example, try delicious & fiber-rich Cookie Dough Oatmeal !

How can Green Harvey help?

All Green Harvey protein powders contain all essential amino acids. Our body uses 20 amino acids, but 9 of these we cannot produce ourselves. These are the essential amino acids and we must therefore get them from our diet. When a protein source is 'complete', it means that it contains all 9 amino acids.

The amino acids ensure that muscle growth and faster recovery is promoted. In addition to all Vegan protein powders being a 'complete protein', the protein powders contain 7-8 powerful superfoods such as Maca powder, raw cocoa powder and much more. The superfoods improve skin, hair, immune system, energy, brain function and sports performance.

Many athletes also suffer from a bloated feeling due to protein powders, but partly due to the digestive enzymes and acacia fibers, our protein powders ensure that you do not experience a bloated feeling.

Besides the bloating you can get from some other protein powder brands, the lactose in whey protein can also be a culprit. This can cause skin problems, headaches and fatigue. All our protein powders are lactose-free and for the above reasons it is therefore extra important to choose a vegetable protein powder .

The lean protein line from Green Harvey has been specially developed for easy digestion (without bloating) and maximum absorption of nutrients. This allows the best fitness goals to be achieved. Available in three delicious flavours: Berrylicious , Vanilla & Cookie Dough .