Wat is de kracht van onze Vegan proteïnes bómvol superfoods? Je leest er alles over in onze blog.

The power of Vegan proteins packed with superfoods

What should you pay attention to to find the right protein to boost your day?

Feeling your best inside and out. Sure! Sports are part of that. And an active lifestyle also includes the right nutrition for your muscles & overall health. But what should you look for to find the right protein to boost your day?

When to use proteins?

Due to the high protein content, proteins can be taken well after your workout, but also during breakfast, by processing the proteins in yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothies, oatmeal, etc. Because the proteins also contain many superfoods that guarantee an increase in energy and other benefits, your day will immediately get a boost. Suffering from an afternoon slump? Then use the proteins in the afternoon.

  1. Choose vegetable protein

When choosing a protein, there is often the option of choosing either a dairy-based protein (whey protein or casein) or a plant-based protein. What can be decisive for the choice is that both casein and whey protein are a by-product of cheese production and are therefore cheap and readily available. Also, casein and whey protein contain milk sugar called 'lactose'. This can cause poor digestion, headaches, pimples and low energy.

With vegetable protein there is a much lower chance of these intolerances, so that all good nutritional values ​​can also be absorbed much better. A combination of brown rice protein and pea protein isolate ensure a high protein content in, for example, the Vegan proteins from Green Harvey (19 grams per portion). Many superfoods have been processed in this and the proteins are also gluten, dairy and soy free.

Benefits of proteins Green Harvey:

  • The proteins contain digestive enzymes, which stimulate good digestion and therefore an even stronger absorption of nutritional values.
  • No bloating due to, among other things, the digestive enzymes.
  • Perfect for building lean muscle and experience faster muscle recovery.
  • High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • Increases your beauty, sports performance and energy levels.

  1. Choose added superfoods

In addition to a high protein content in a protein, there is so much more to get from a protein, which will improve your skin, hair, nails, hormones, mood, immune system and energy levels. This is because superfoods contain a lot of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that make you feel better and better in your fitness journey.

A number of powerful superfoods that provide these benefits: Maca powder, Cocoa powder, Beetroot powder, Acacia fibers (90% fibers and therefore a feeling of fullness for longer), guar gum, stevia.

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  1. No added sugars

If you want to increase your sports performance and are looking for a boost to your health through the use of good superfoods, it is best to choose a protein without added sugars. If there is a high content of sugar in a protein, you will not achieve the desired results that you have in mind and, moreover, this is not necessary. The proteins Berrylicious , Cookie Dough & Vanilla all taste wonderfully sweet and are 100% natural. This is due to the natural flavors and the use of a natural sugar called stevia (0.2 grams per serving).

Also, the flavors still come out well when the proteins are incorporated into various recipes. For example, add the proteins to plant-based milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese or smoothies! But it doesn't stop there… There are many other ways to process the proteins. Look for inspiration on the recipe page of Green Harvey.

  1. Promote gut health

As mentioned above, many superfoods have been added to the proteins that also promote intestinal health. For example, acacia fibers contain 90% fiber and are great prebiotics for the intestinal flora. It promotes a feeling of fullness, is gentle on your stomach, can relieve constipation and also reduce IBS symptoms. The digestive enzymes are also super good to have in a protein. This further reduces the risk of bloating and poor digestion.

Brown rice protein and pea protein isolate contain essential amino acids that your body needs. It is important for processes in your body, such as muscle growth and recovery. This makes the proteins of Green Harvey a 'complete' protein. Our body uses 20 amino acids, but we cannot produce 9 of them ourselves. These are the essential amino acids and we must therefore get them from our diet. When a protein source is 'complete', this means that it contains all 9 amino acids and that is the case with the proteins of Green Harvey. Everyone experiences the best benefits because the proteins are then easily digested and better absorbed by the body.

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